Graduates earn certificates

Feb 1, 2024
Celebrating their accomplishments are Louis Canter (left), Leon Holzer, Aimee Holzer, and Nancy McClaughlin, with Nydia Rivera-Rivera not pictured. (COURTESY)

LAKELAND | Five members of the laity successfully graduated in theology and ministry, granted by Loyola University of New Orleans, Jan. 21, 2024, at St. Joseph Parish in Lakeland. The program is part of Bishop John Noonan’s initiative to form leaders in Christ.

Loyola University has maintained a partnership with the Diocese of Orlando for over 50 years, contributing to the formation of Catholics for service in various ministries within parishes. This longstanding collaboration reflects a commitment to education, religious values and community service by fostering academic growth, personal and spiritual development. After three years of dedicated study, seeking to increase their knowledge of the faith, scripture and how to serve, participants proudly received their certificates.

Those who received certificates included Louis Canter, Leon Holzer, Aimee Holzer, Nancy McClaughlin and Nydia Rivera-Rivera.

This comprehensive program is rooted in practical theology, emphasizing pastoral approaches and practical ministerial applications. The curriculum is enriched with a robust spiritual formation component, incorporating the St. Ignatius exercises.

For those inspired to embark on this transformative journey, please contact Director of Adult Ministry Tomás Evans, who is responsible for the program. Several upcoming information sessions will share more about this transformative learning experience. If you have any questions, contact