LeFils and Bonner receive national awards

Sep 9, 2021
ODCCW member Julie Drake (left) and NCCW chaplain Father Miguel González stand with Kathy Bonner, recipient of the NCCW Our Lady of Good Counsel award. (COURTESY)

ARLINGTON, VA | Two Orlando Diocese Council of Catholic Women (ODCCW), Winkie LeFils and Kathy Bonner, received the National Council of Catholic Women’s highest award, that of Our Lady of Good Council.

The award “recognizes significant and outstanding contributions made by a council woman in the areas of service to the Church, the Council of Catholic Women, her parish, and the community at large,” according to the NCCW. The woman must be a “role model” for others. Only one woman is selected each year. With the theme 2020ne intending to include the year they were unable to celebrate their 100th anniversary due to COVID, and this year, the NCCW gave two awards.

“I was absolutely shocked, a 1000%. I never thought I’d receive that award,” Bonner said. “I do what I do because I love what I do. It’s my faith in action. That is all I ever expect out of it.” Part of the ODCCW for more than 40 years, Bonner has held numerous positions including vice president of the National Council of Catholic Women, co-writer and presenter on the National Leadership Team’s program on domestic violence, president of her local affiliate, deanery and at the diocesan level.

LeFils joined ODCCW in 1958. Unable to attend in person, her daughter Susie Harting accepted the award on her behalf. She said she was very proud of her mother, “as she represented Catholic Women in NCCW as president and representative to the World Union of Catholic Women. She and many others empowered me to continue and follow mom’s journey.” Harting joined in 1983.

LeFils served as president at various levels, including NCCW president. In fact, there is not a position she has not served. Over her 63 years as a member of the ODCCW she held every position, beginning as affiliation president, then deanery treasurer and president, diocesan president, providence director for Miami, vice president of the national council, then president and vice president general for the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations.

Still, she said, “I was very surprised. It’s quite an honor. I wanted to share it with all of my council sisters because of the works they do for Our Lord and for the people. I was really taken aback. I never expected anything like this. I just enjoy doing what I do for council. I just love the women in council.”

Father Miguel González, the NCCW chaplain and rector of St. James Cathedral, surprised Bonner and LeFils with a call from Bishop John Noonan congratulating them on reception of the prestigious award.

Winkie LeFils displays the Our Lady of Good Counsel award, an honor bestowed by the National Council of Catholic Women. (COURTESY)

ODCCW President Ginny Hagan said, “I could not be prouder. They are both dedicated ladies to our faith and mission and were so deserving of this award. It is frequently said ‘Florida Strong’ as it pertains to CCW, but in this case I must say ‘ODCCW Strong’.” She noted both women are also from the Central Deanery. “We are so blessed to have these ladies to mentor all of us, which they willingly do.”

The CCW supports, empowers, and educates Catholic women in spirituality, leadership, and service.



By Glenda Meekins of the Florida Catholic, September 9, 2021