Miracles in Ocala

Feb 29, 2024
Andrew stands with his Great Aunt, Terry Roland, and holds the handmade monstrance he made with his brother and his mother. (COURTESY)

OCALA | In conjunction with the National Eucharistic Revival, Our Lady of the Springs faith formation classes came together for a Eucharistic Miracle Fair, February 25. From elaborate to simple, 20 displays illustrated various Eucharistic miracles from around the world.

Faith formation coordinator Deborah Higgins said, “We wanted a way to bring the True Presence to our students.” She and Confirmation teacher Heathyr Lamb asked the children and their families to select a miracle that meant something to them. And the families delivered beautiful handwritten displays all the way up to an ornate handmade monstrance. Featured front and center is Blessed Carlo Acutis, a Catholic teenager who died in 2006 but not before telling the world the Eucharist was his ‘highway to heaven’ and who also made the first website dedicated to Eucharistic miracles.

Talia, who will make her First Holy Communion this year, Her display recalls the Eucharistic miracle of Santarém, Portugal from the 13th century. (COURTESY)

The beautiful illustrations moved hearts. Higgins said one mother told her, “I’ve been Catholic my whole life, but I don’t think I really got it.” And a child shared, “Now I know why we are quiet after we receive Jesus. I’m glad Jesus is my friend.”

Diocese of Orlando Director of Faith Formation, John Molloy attended personally after Higgins shared what she hoped her students would accomplish. “I had to come out to witness it and the whole event did not disappoint,” he said. “I was excited to see, hear, and learn about Eucharistic miracles throughout history, some of which I had never heard about before. The joy of the kids and their families as they shared about these miracles was contagious.” He credited the families, parish, and coordinators Higgins and Lamb for a job well done. Other parishes are already asking to borrow the exhibit to share the Good News. Molloy prays that the deep affection for our Lord in the Eucharist continues to spread. “I would love to see more of these projects that invite a meaningful interaction between faith formation participants and the parish community,” he added.

Staff Report, February 29, 2024