Police department honors special Olympian

Aug 12, 2021
From left: St. Cloud Police Chief Peter Gauntlett, Sergeant Corey Targia, and Deputy Chief Fran Rinehart after presenting former Bishop Grady Villas resident Kevin Coutura with a uniform and plaque for his service. (COURTESY SCPD)

ST. CLOUD | Staff of the St. Cloud Police Department recently honored former Bishop Grady Villas resident Kevin Couture for his love of the department by making him an honorary officer. The recognition came with a brand new uniform with his name on it.

Executive Director of Bishop Grady Villas, Kevin Johnson remembers Couture’s love of swimming-his choice sport in Special Olympics- but in particular his passion for law enforcement. “Kevin has always shown his love for law enforcement through his friendships with many officers like Sgt. Corey Targia,” he said. “He inspired the close friendship that Bishop Grady Villas shares with the St. Cloud Police Department to this day.”

Couture, who is fighting bone cancer said, although his illness saddens him, on this day, “I’m happy.” Sgt. Targia said that was exactly the idea.

By Glenda Meekins of the Florida Catholic, August 12, 2021