Santa Fe Catholic High School celebrates Pi Day

Mar 24, 2022
Students from the math honors society, Mu Alpha Theta at Santa Fe Catholic High School in Lakeland honor International Pi Day by working out an art/puzzle game. (COURTESY)

LAKELAND | Pi Day is an annual opportunity to celebrate math, talk to friends about math, and eat pie. Pi (π) happens to be one of the most recognizable mathematical symbols to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (approximately 3.14159). Every year, schools celebrate International Pi Day on March 14 since the date matches the first three digits of the value of the mathematical constant.

Throughout the Diocese of Orlando, Catholic schools prepared special activities and events to celebrate. At Santa Fe High School in Lakeland, the math honors society, Mu Alpha Theta, with their faculty sponsor, Courtney Kirby, organized a day filled with activities, discovery opportunities, and exploration. The goal of the event was to get students at all levels, to not only engage in math, but to also have some fun while they are answering math problems. Most of the activities were created by the students themselves. Students assign a theme every year and this year’s theme was “PiRats”, so most of the challenges and activities were centered on either conquering or scavenging.

Honor society students dressed for a scavenger, their hands showing pi which equals to 3.1415. (COURTESY)

Students have the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt, battleship, walk-the-plank, escape room, pie challenge, relay race, and an art/puzzle table. They were also encouraged to try as many events as time allowed for their period. Mu Alpha Theta students made index cards with the questions for the different math classes that were participating. They color-coded the index cards for the different math levels. Between 20-60 math students came out each period making this day a true mathematical marvel.

By Marie Del Amo, Special to the Florida Catholic, March 24, 2022