Why do we venerate Mary?

May 4, 2022

This week Father Chris Hoffmann of Our Lady of the Lakes Parish, Deltona, answers the question:

Jesus told us that where two or more are gathered together, to ask the Father for anything and it will be granted. We believe that those who are in heaven are able to appeal the throne of God with our petitions. Those who have been declared saints by the Church would be the most likely individuals to call on to make that appeal. But we have the Mother of Jesus also to appeal to. She gave birth to Jesus. She was at His death, and she was with the Apostles at Pentecost. Jesus brought her to Heaven without undergoing corruption. Mary is also given to us as our mother. A mother cares for her children and only wants the best for him or her.

There is another reason we venerate or show honor to Mary. Jesus did. He was obedient to His mother on Earth. Besides intercessory prayer, we honor the Blessed Mother’s statue or image to remind us of her role in salvation history. We do not pray to a statue as if it were a god. We pray to Mary, whose image reminds us of her. It would be the same as talking to a deceased loved one while looking at a picture of him or her.

Jesus loves His Mother and that is the best reason to honor her. We should love who Jesus loved.

May 4, 2022