Epcot Resource Guides

Epcot Field Guides

These resources are designed to assist Youth and Families in applying a Catholic lens to the experience of Epcot. The focus of these guides is primarily centered on saints for the the Family and High School guides and primarily around “Living Water” for the middle school teens.”

Family Guide

The family guide will be the easiest to print as it is simply single sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper. The PDF file shows the order of the guide; it is designed to be run double-sided and assembled as a booklet.

Click here to download the Family Guide.

Middle School

Note: parish leaders may choose to use the Family Guide as a complement to the Middle School Guide as our supervision policies require an adult to be present with the youth throughout the day.  There is additional material on the saints that may be fruitful to note and unpack.

Click here to download the Middle School Guide.

Printing Note:

  • This booklet should be printed double-sided:
    • The cover/Back Page – should be printed on the flip side of sheet with pages 1/6
    • Sheet with pages 2/5 should be printed on the flip side of sheet with pages 3/4
    • Then fold and staple as a booklet 

High School Guide

Note:  it does include on the final page pictures of the 3 Catholic saints that you can ‘see’ at Epcot.  You’ll note that further information on all of the saints in the litany can be found in the Family Guide – leaders may wish to take a peek at that prior to the day to share with teens during travel to/from the park.

Click here to download the High School Guide.

Printing Note:

  • Book should be printed on legal paper and assembled with these pages double sided:
    • Cover/Back cover with sheet that has pages  1/10
    • Sheet with pages 2/9 with sheet with pages 3/8
    • Sheet with pages 4/7 with sheet with pages 5/6