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The formation of mature disciples is the first priority in the Church’s catechetical schema: to invite ongoing conversion to Jesus in holiness of life, encourage active membership in the Christian community, and call adults to act as disciples in mission to the world. Adult faith formation should be at the forefront of parish-based catechetical formation.

Under Bishop Noonan’s priorities, we offer:

Forming leaders in Christ

  • Pastoral Care Certification Program
  • Lay Ecclesial Ministry with St. Leo University
  • Limex program with Loyola University of New Orleans
  • Discipleship Formation with Siena Institute

Enkindling Faith

  • Senior Ministry
  • Men’s Conference
  • Women’s Conference
  • Adult Retreats

Harmonizing ministry

  • Bereavement and consolation
  • RCIA and Catechumenate
  • Small Christian Communities




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Tomás Evans
Adult Ministry Director
407-246-4912| tevans@orlandodiocese.org