“A committed, permanent, faithful relationship of husband and wife is the root of a family. It strengthens all the members of a family, provides best for the needs of children, and causes the church of the home to be an effective sign of Christ in the world.” 

Follow the Way of Love, a Pastoral Message of the U.S. Bishops to Families.

Between Man and Woman: Questions and Answers About Marriage and Same-Sex Unions.


This program, the original faith-based marriage enrichment program, is a viable enrichment for married couples, whether they have been married for a very short time or for a number of years. The Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend is designed for good marriages to make them great marriages. Weekends are held in the Orlando area and occasionally near Melbourne. Couples may contact Bob & Sheila Baker at 407-647-4289 to begin the application process and get further information, or you can apply online at www.wwme.org.


Este programa basado en la fe es una forma viable de enriquecimieno para las parejas casadas. El fin de semana de Encuentro Matrimonial Mundial está diseñado para parejas que desean hacer de su matrimonio uno mejor. Los fines de semana en español se ofrecen en el área de Orlando. Las parejas interesadas pueden contactar a Tomas & Mercedes Diaz al 407-219-1389 para obtener más información, o se pueden registrar en línea http://esp.wwme.org/.


Es un programa de enriquecimiento matrimonial con orientación cristiana católica. Está creado para ayudar a las parejas a fortalecer su relación en el matrimonio y a la vez, está diseñado para ayudar a aquellas parejas con problemas, sea que exista una separación o un proceso de divorcio, sin importar su denominación religiosa o el que estén casados o no. A las parejas se les brinda herramientas que les ayuden a renovar o mejorar su relación a través del taller de Renovación. Para mayor información, o para inscribirse a un retiro de fin de semana, favor llamar al 407-690-0700. El Retiro de Renovación Conyugal puede ser utilizado en lugar de la clase de Convalidación. Las parejas que llevan casadas más de dos años por lo civil y que se están preparando para el sacramento del matrimonio, pueden asistir a este taller y cumplir con el requisito de la preparación matrimonial.


This program is for troubled marriages where separation or divorce is a possibility or has already occurred. Retrouvaille is a weekend retreat with a series of in-depth presentations given by a priest and team couples. There are follow-up sessions, which the participants are invited to attend. Couples are taught skills to help put the past behind them and begin “rediscovering” one another. For information, contact Patrick and Monica Griffin at 352-274-4614. All names and information are kept completely confidential. Visit their website at www.retrouvaille.org.

MARRIAGE SPA—Spiritual, Practical & Affirming!

The Marriage SPA is a fun, interactive, informative day, planned and facilitated by professionals and trained personnel for the purpose of Marriage Enrichment. The purpose of the SPA is multifaceted: It is Spiritual, Practical and Affirming. It was created by the Family Life Office in an effort to provide, inexpensive, Catholic faith-based, marriage enrichment for couples married for any length of time and it’s continuation at the host parish.

At the SPA three presentations are given: Building Intimacy Through Resolving Conflict, Celebrating Differences and Reviewing the Vows. Between the presentations couples meet and build community with other couples who share the same values and concerns.

If your parish or Marriage Enrichment group would like to host a Marriage SPA, please contact the Director of Marriage & Family Ministry at 407-246-4882.

ANNIVERSARY MASS: Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage

Each year near or on World Marriage Day, the Diocese of Orlando celebrates a Mass to commemorate wedding anniversaries for married couples.

The mass is organized by the Diocese of Orlando’s Office of Family Ministry and presided by Bishop John Noonan.

This annual Wedding Anniversary Mass is a chance for you and your loved one to renew those vows that meant so much on your wedding day and to receive a special blessing that will strengthen your marriage for years to come! Download a PDF of “Words of Wisdom” from married couples.

Church Teaching

“Christ the Lord raised marriage between the baptized to the dignity of a Sacrament” (Catechism of the Catholic Church #1660).  As a Catholic community, we celebrate the nuptial union that is intended to “perfect the couple’s love and strengthen their indissoluble unity” (Catechism of the Catholic Church #1641).