Women’s Vocational Interest Retreat

Do you feel the Lord speaking to your heart?…trying to get your attention?
Do you feel that you have a “missionary heart” to follow the Lord wherever He may call you?
Do you have a universal love for all of God’s people and have a sense that the Lord may be asking you for something more?
….well… “Come and see”(John 1:39).

If you are a woman ages 18–35 and would like to know more about Religious Life, pray with the questions on your heart, speak with Religious Sisters, and connect with hearts that are also desiring to know the Lord’s plan for their lives, consider joining us for this Vocational Interest Retreat.
This retreat will feature Religious Sisters from around the Diocese of Orlando.

Women’s Discernment Groups

There are discernment groups that meet regularly. Let the vocations office know if you would like to attend. Journeying with others who are discerning God’s call is an invaluable tool which strengthens the individual to hear and follow God’s promptings in a truly joyful way.

A discernment group for young women age 14-18 meets on the first Wednesday of each month at Holy Cross Catholic Church (12600 Marsfield Ave. in Orlando). The group begins with Mass in the church at 6 p.m. followed by a light supper and speaker on discernment.


Religious Communities of Women