Ministries to the Sick & Homebound

Ministers to the Sick and Homebound (MTS) are lay faithful who receive specialized formation to assist their pastors in providing pastoral care to the sick and homebound of their parish. They offer the presence of Christ through the Eucharist and through their presence as representatives of the parish community, bringing comfort and the Church’s support to those in need. MTS offer prayers, companionship, and communion to those unable to attend their parish’s Eucharistic celebration. MTS formation workshops provide practical skills and a deep understanding of the spiritual significance of this ministry. Ongoing support ensures MTS undergo continuing formation and are well-prepared to extend the Eucharist to those unable to attend Mass.

Candidates for this ministry are to be fully initiated Catholics, who are active members of a parish. They should be of sufficient age (at least 18 years old), maturity and temperament to undertake this ministry. They must have no impediment to receiving Holy Communion and participate in the Sacramental life of the Church. They must be fingerprinted and in compliance with diocesan Safe Environment Policy and Procedures. Candidates should be physically able to exercise this ministry and must comply with the diocesan policy and procedures.

Ministries to the Sick & Homebound Application Process
  1. Complete Safe Environment Training and successfully pass the diocesan fingerprinting process.
  2. Complete the Ministry to the Sick and Homebound Application and interview process with the parish ministry coordinator or relevant staff person and receive approval from the pastor.
  3. When the Pastor has determined that a given candidate meets the basic requirements outlined above, the Pastor or his representative is to submit the Petition for Minister to the Sick and Homebound to the Office of Pastoral Ministry.
  4. Register online for a formation workshop facilitated by the Office of Pastoral Ministry. Please note, that like with EMHC workshops, registering for an MTS workshop only guarantees admittance to the workshop. It does NOT guarantee a mandate from the bishop to participate in this ministry. A petition with the pastor’s signature attesting to the candidates suitability must be sent to the Office of Pastoral Ministry.
Upcoming Ministry to the Sick and Homebound Formation Workshops


September 9, 2023 St. Mary Magdalen, Altamonte Springs Register Here
October 28, 2023 St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Cloud Register Here
November 4, 2023 St. Faustina, Clermont Register Here