The Sisters Council of the Diocese of Orlando was established in 1971. Bishop William Borders acknowledged the beginning of the council’s formation in a Mass celebrated to inaugurate its planning. “The Church cannot succeed in its apostolate today unless we draw on the expertise, the experience and the interest of all the people of God,” he said. “This means that we have to have most of our people involved on a personal level in the work of the Church – in the planning and decision making. The Sisters’ Council is not just a Council for the Sisters. It is a Sisters’ Council for the Diocese.” Bishop Borders commissioned them with working, not only in schools, but with migrant workers and forming public school students in the faith. Religious in the diocese surpassed those expectations, becoming police and hospital chaplains, spiritual directors, teachers, principals, establishing family and marriage ministries, and assisting in the work of the tribunal.

Leadership Team of the Sisters Council

Sister Ann Rowland, DHM, President

Sister Patricia O’Malley, SNDdeN, Vice President

Sister Barbara Gould, RSM, Secretary

Sister Loretta Morgan, SFCC, Treasurer

Sister Monica Oboagwina, OP, Coordinator for Retirement Fund for Religious

Sister Gail Grimes, SNDdeN

Sister Kathleen McHugh, SSC

Sister Jean Rigg, SFCC

Sister Marie Skebe, OP

Sister Rose Urbanczyk, MSF