In order to support the vision of the Diocese of Orlando: “Teaching and Living the Light of Christ: Toward Goodness, Righteousness and Truth,” the Diocese of Orlando Archives primarily serves the information and administrative needs of the bishop and the diocese. It is a place of memory of the diocesan community and seeks to preserve and promote an understanding of the history and traditions of the diocese.

The staff provides and maintains secure and organized facilities for the retention and preservation of these records in accordance with Canon 486, and coordinates and maintains a records management program throughout the chancery and diocesan departments. The staff provides guidance on archival issues to diocesan departments, parishes, institutions and religious orders. The staff also promotes knowledge and understanding of the history of the diocese, its mission, parishes, services, programs, institutions and religion by providing access to research and through outreach activities.

Brief History

The Diocese of Orlando was established in 1968. Prior to that time, the Central Florida area was administered by the Diocese of St. Augustine, which retains many of the pre-1968 records for the Diocese of Orlando. Additionally, the Diocese of Orlando has very little information on other Florida dioceses. Requests for information on other dioceses should be directed to those dioceses.

Today, the Diocesan Archives serves to acquire, appraise, organize, describe, preserve, and provide access to records of historical, sacramental, legal, fiscal, and/or administrative value created by the departments and parishes of the Diocese of Orlando in accordance with Canons 486 and 491.


The collection consists primarily of correspondence; information on bishops, pastors and other officials; parish histories; anniversary publications (incomplete); parish boundaries; blueprints; deceased personnel files; diocesan directories; Official Catholic Directories; Florida Catholic newspaper; some photographs (color and black and white); and various other items. Also of particular interest are the files of the Florida Catholic newspaper, which is headquartered in the Diocese of Orlando Chancery.

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