This Internal Application is only for priests, deacons, religious sisters, orders or Catholic entities presently serving within the Diocese of Orlando.

Regrettably, we generally cannot re-approve Mission Co-Op participants who have visited us within the last 5 years.

    Name of Group Requesting Participation:

    Mailing Address:

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    Fax Number:

    Email Address:

    Name of Contact Person in the United States:


    Telephone Number:

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    Are you a priest, deacon, sister, brother or religious entity serving within or affiliated with the Diocese of Orlando or one of our parishes? YesNo

    If so, please provide the Name of the priest, deacon, sister, brother, group, or person and their assignment.

    Does your Bishop, Superior or Pastor support your application? YesNo

    Please provide the name of your native Bishop, Superior or Pastor supporting your application:

    What specific countries/areas of the world does your community/entity serve?

    Has your group participated in our Diocesan Mission Co-Op Program within the last 4 years? YesNo

    If so, when?