It important to note that some areas within the Diocese of Orlando are in greater need of deacons than others. Therefore, prior to moving to the Diocese of Orlando, the deacon should contact Deacon Dave Camous, Director of the Office of the Permanent Diaconate at (407) 246-4878, to discuss the relocation to Florida, and to find an appropriate location for the diaconal assignment.

Permanent Deacons moving into the Diocese of Orlando need to have the faculties of their Diocese of Incardination (Home Diocese) if they wish to be active in ministry, and may not serve on the altar or perform any diaconate functions until the letter of assignment has been received.

The following documents are required to seek faculties in the Diocese of Orlando:

  • A letter of recommendation and certification of good standing from the director of the diaconate of the Diocese you are currently serving.
  • A letter of recommendation and evaluation of your ministry from your previous pastor.
  • A letter from your Home Diocese’s bishop granting you permission to serve in the Diocese of Orlando.
  • Completion of our Safe Environment Training- Click here to begin.
  • Completed background check- our office pays for this check
  • Completed Funeral Instructions received- Click here for the form.
  • Handwritten request for faculties letter to Bishop John Noonan describing who you are, where you are coming from and when you were ordained. Use this letter to describe the ministries you serve in.
  • Completed application- Click here for the application.
  • JPEG Photo of you and your spouse (if applicable)
  • Completion of our PI Survey
  • Copies of your biography and resume
  • Read the Policy Manual and sign the acknowledgment form- Click here for Policy Manual and Click here for the Policy Manual Acknowledgment Form.

Next Steps

1. Once all these documents have been received, the Diaconate Office will schedule an appointment for you and your wife to meet with the Director of Office of Permanent Deacons and the Associate Director of externs  to discuss your ministry.

2. After the meeting with Office of the Permanent Deacons, the Deacon’s file will be presented to the Bishop with an assignment recommendation based on a parish needs, and the ministry in which the deacon will be active in at that parish.

3. If approved, the Deacon will be granted a 90- day probationary assignment, and will be required to meet with his Pastor to discuss and complete the ministerial covenant and return it to this office.