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1. If a representative from the media (television, newspaper, radio) shows up on parish or school property, it is permissible for any employee or volunteer to be interviewed about important diocesan matters.
2. In order to protect vulnerable populations, every visitor at our Catholic schools must provide identification to be run against the National and State Sex Offender Registry. Even parents or volunteers who might come through the office every day.
3. A visiting priest may come to the Diocese of Orlando and assist in the parish simply because he is a good friend of the pastor. He does not need diocesan permission.
4. It is permissible for church employees, volunteers or coaches to invite minors to their home for overnight stays, with the permission of the parent or guardian. They may also offer minors a ride in their car.
5. During athletic events, field trips, or on retreats for young people, there is no need to worry about the pop music played for the audience. The students already hear it on local radio anyway.
6. A minister serves as a mentor and guide, walking with a young person as they journey in faith. Therefore, we must discuss difficult topics at times and it is fine to show R-rated films to students without permission from their parents.
7. During an active shooter scenario you should fight as an absolute last resort. Commit to your actions and act as aggressively as possible against the shooter.
8. In the case of an active shooter, you should hide in large groups.
9. Whether you are participating in the celebration of Mass, on a field trip, or participating in ministry, we are called to care for those around us. Therefore, if you see something unusual, you should say something to authorities right away.
10. If a child even vaguely hints that sexual abuse has occurred, you should encourage him or her to talk freely and assure the child that he or she did the right thing in telling.
11. If you pass the background check for the Diocese of Orlando one time, you never have to submit your fingerprints again.
12. If an allegation of sexual abuse has been made against a parent or guardian, that parent or guardian should be notified immediately.
13. Any clergy, religious, lay employee, or volunteer who knows or has cause to suspect that a vulnerable person has been subjected to any form of abuse must immediately contact law enforcement.
14. If any volunteer or employee finds a social media post that indicates or infers the use of violence, he or she should immediately report the information to law enforcement and then a supervisor.
15. The diocese appreciates healthy, constructive debate and discussion. Therefore, no account administrator can delete or hide any comments left on a diocesan entity’s social media post.
16. Ministers who have something urgent to communicate can call minors on their cell phones repeatedly no matter what time of day it is.
17. Your personal social media accounts have no bearing on your status as an employee or volunteer of the Diocese of Orlando. It is permissible to use diocesan logos, trademarks, and discuss diocesan matters if you wish.
18. Adults must copy parents on all email and other electronic correspondence with youth under 18 and maintain copies of that communication.
19. Before any planned activity, school or church personnel should make sure parents have cell phone numbers of the group leaders and the phone number of where the event will take place.
20. All church personnel, ages 15 and older, must submit a completed Criminal Background Check Form and complete set of fingerprints.

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