A Reflection on St. Therese of the Little Flower

Not everyone is able to be a strong lily or a beautiful rose. St. Therese herself was a little wildflower. Even though she was frail, she inspired hope and faith in others and continues to do so today.

St. Therese, not unlike a wildflower, was not perfect. She had faults and she acknowledged and tried to overcome them. Her life’s focus was to do small good. We strive to follow her example and know that God does not care how big or small a good deed is. He cares that a deed is good.

Humans often put too much emphasis on the size of a kindness, instead of the kindness itself. St. Therese knew that the sacrifices she made might have been smaller than other people’s, but they were no less important. She worked hard and made sacrifices daily. We should try to follow her example by doing acts of kindness every day, whether large or small. We all are flowers; some just attract more attention than others. But God is like our gardener and loves all of us equally. He put us all in a place that is good for us so we can prosper, but still lets us grow on our own.

St. Therese lived her life in an admirable way and we know that she did so because of her love of God and others.

Reflection written by Tamsin A., a 7th grade student at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School, Altamonte Springs.
Drawing created by Olivia
 W., also a 7th grade student.
October 25, 2021