Jeannie Ferguson: Sacred Heart Catholic School’s Educator of the Year

Every year, the Diocese of Orlando recognizes the outstanding work of teachers and awards each school with an Educator of the Year Award. Over the past years, Sacred Heart Catholic School has recognized some of the best educators in the Diocese of Orlando such as first grade teacher, Mrs. Andrea Bosma; second grade teacher, Mrs. Katie Glynn; religion teacher, Mrs. Maria Bilodeau; and eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Corey Brock.

This year, the Educator of the Year for Sacred Heart is fifth grade homeroom and Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Jeannie Ferguson. Principal Mrs. Shelley Niswonger chooses a teacher every year who exhibits an outstanding dedication as a teacher, ‘lived’ contribution to the school’s Catholic identity, and the impact they make in the lives of their students.

When asked what is important for her in her classroom, Mrs. Ferguson said, “I try to get the students to be kind to each other and respect everyone’s opinion.” She said she believes that “faith is very important in the classroom.”

Mrs. Ferguson is in her fifth year of teaching at Sacred Heart and seventh year  of teaching Social Studies. She has taught many other classes including Pre-K, third grade, Georgia History, Model UN, Journalism, Speech, and ELA.

Congratulations Mrs. Ferguson for being a good teacher. Sacred Heart is very proud of you!

Article written by Abbey M., an eighth grade student at Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach.
October 5, 2020