Always doing good together

Twins – Thomas and Patrick – have most everything in common!  They are in the same class graduating from Sacred Heart Catholic School, Class of 2020. They both do very well academically. They also love participating in sports and other activities outside school together.

What is outstanding about brothers Patrick and Thomas is that they run for several charities, including 5K’s for the Special Olympics and for the Humane Society among others. They started running at the age of seven, the age they ran their first 5K.  When asked why they run, they responded in a synchronized fashion as they always do, “It’s our Dad.” Thomas added, “Our Dad inspires us to run and to be the best person we can be.” When asked why they run for charities, Patrick said, “I don’t feel like it is just for charity. We run because it is the right thing to do for others and it is also good for our health!”

From running for charities to helping and serving at the soup kitchen, it is all possible for the twins because of their Dad, Sean.  They simply love always doing good and having fun together!

Article written by Reese, an eighth-grader at Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach, January 28, 2020.