Growing in Catholic identity through prayer

Every first Monday of the month, Sacred Heart Catholic School students, teachers, and parents get together as a school community for a ‘prayer at the pole.’ The prayer services prepared by religion teacher Mrs. Maria Bilodeau and Principal Mrs. Shelley Nisownger are focused on specific themes and are led by the eighth grade class. The monthly prayer at the pole also gives the principal an opportunity to start the month right with announcements and fun things to look forward to doing.

“This is our mission and Catholic identity and it is a good opportunity for our parents to join us and pray with us,” said Principal Niswonger. Sacred Heart Catholic School proclaims its Catholic identity by opening up one another’s hearts to the needs of others and by fostering togetherness in building up the body of Christ. The theme of the school’s prayer at the pole in February is ‘Love one another’ in honor of Saint Valentine.

Written by Thomas M., 8th grade student; Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach.
January 30, 2020