Celebrating Jesus through music

Sacred Heart Catholic School is known for discovering talents in both arts and music among students from Pre-K through eighth grade. This school year, Music teacher Mrs. Carla Elliott, tapped on as many talents as she could possibly find and successfully discovered some of the most talented singers and pianists among the Sacred Heart students.

This year, Mrs. Elliott assigned the fifth grade class to sing in the choir for two terms within the school year. During Term 3, she gave the fourth grade class the chance to showcase their talents. Cantors and singers shared their gifts by joining the choir.

Every Wednesday, during the school-led Mass, these children never ceased to surprise the school community with their angelic voices. In addition, students at Sacred Heart are also given the opportunity to sing contemporary style music that is liturgically acceptable. The result was a joyful congregation singing with the Children’s Choir. After all, everyone knows that singing is praying twice!

Written by Lily S., a seventh grade student at Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach.
Photos by Mrs. Maria Bilodeau.