Winter white-out at Sacred Heart School

Winter dances are a perfect way to celebrate the winter season at any school. Middle school students at Sacred Heart Catholic School enjoyed the Winter Dance on a cool evening, February 14. For a small donation of $5 which helped the National Junior Honor Society service projects, a student could buy a ticket. Themed “The Winter White-Out”, all students who attended the dance had to come dressed in white.

Music was a crucial part of this dance. Students enjoyed songs like “The Cupid Shuffle” and “Macarena” and started to dance along, encouraging their friends to join them. Besides great music, there was also a lot of tasty food. The school provided pizza and snacks: chips, cookies, and other treats. Decorations were fun too. Balloons and ribbons added to the party atmosphere and centerpieces decorated the tables.  All of the food and decorations were great, but the best part was being there with friends. Students had a great time talking, eating, and of course, dancing the night away with middle school friends.

Annie B., a sixth grader who attends Sacred Heart She was asked, based on the result of the last Winter-White Out, would you plan on going again if there would be another one next year? Annie said, “Probably, because it was fun and I got to hang out with my friends.” Annie also added, “It was so much fun to make memories with my good friends.” The school had Mrs. Corey Brock, National Junior Honor Society adviser, to thank for this memorable event.

Written by Angelina F., a sixth-grader at Sacred Heart Catholic School, New Smyrna Beach.
Photo taken by Mrs. Corey Brock.