Support Catholic Charities-Become “the touch of Jesus” – November 2023

Remain in me as I remain in you, says the Lord.
Whoever remains in me bears much fruit
(John 15:4a, 5b).

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. I write to you today with a joyous heart because you are on the road of God’s ways, receiving Him in the Eucharist and offering Him to one another. You are His hands and feet, His arms and legs within our world and you have shown His face to the people through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy you offer. Your daily labor is a gift for His beloved through Catholic Charities of Central Florida.

First, you pray for those who are in need. You do this with your family in your homes and join each other as we pray the Universal Prayer during the celebration of Mass. These prayers are heard and answered. We can see the fruit of these prayers by the food we are able to provide for those who come to us in need; by the glorious smiles we receive as we tender diapers and other essentials for those families with babies and children. As Jesus and Mary sought shelter to house their Newborn, your financial contributions help us to provide shelter for families whose difficulties require rental, utility and mortgage assistance. Many more received sustainable housing because of your intervention through Catholic Charities of Central Florida.

Throughout the call to synodality, our Holy Father asks us to listen to each other and to discern how to move forward together as the Body of Christ. He is asking us not to set anyone aside, but to be mindful of the ones who are hurt and disenfranchised – to be the Good Samaritan – to stop and minister to His people as we pass by. You are the touch of Jesus through the ministry of Catholic Charities of Central Florida.

We remain in God and as we love one another as He loves us—and His love is never-ending. The weekend of November 18, 19 is my annual request for continued stewardship through Catholic Charities of Central Florida. I ask you to give as generously as you are able, but please give something.  If you do not have financial resources, make a donation of food or volunteer your time to assist these beautiful members of our community. 

As we remain in God, we offer our entire being to Him that His goodness is known throughout the earth. May our offering bear great fruit.

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