Lenten Reconciliation leads to Easter Eucharist

Rising from the cross of sin to new life, our journey of reconciliation during Lent leads us to Easter Resurrection and Eucharist – God’s gift of Himself that we might be born anew.

It is a journey inward that reveals …

Bishop’s Letter: Become builders of the City of Love

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Be faithful to God’s Covenant in all that you are. God cherishes you, and I know you also cherish God’s Covenant. Upholding all in prayer keeps us close to God’s Covenant. Prayer allows us …

Congress offers a eucharistic feast

ORLANDO  |  On fire for the Lord, roughly 1,200 people crowded the parking lot at Holy Cross Parish to participate in the celebration of Mass, pray the rosary, and stand watch with Jesus during Eucharistic Adoration.

The praise, prayer and