2023AugustWe are sent forth to do good works
2023JulyYou are a tabernacle of the Blessed Sacrament
2023JulyIs the eternal banquet your first summer destination?
2023JuneWe can lose sight of God’s presence
2023JuneThe Eucharist is Jesus
2023MayWe are united by the Holy Spirit, a spirit of harmony
2023MayNever lose focus on God, and let Christ into your hearts
2023AprilGod is always waiting for us
2023AprilJesus is within each one of us
2023AprilEaster message
2023MarchTogether we proclaim ‘Hosanna in the highest!’
2023MarchPray to the Holy Spirit to move your heart
2023MarchA way to heaven, Communion to Communion
2023FebruaryOur journey as a Church prospers through appeal
2023FebruaryYour light shall break forth like the sun
2023FebruaryConsecrated Life
2023JanuaryCome to the table of the Lord
2023JanuaryGo out in the world and BE the Eucharist