The way in which our vocation is lived out takes on a variety of forms.  Some of us are called specifically to religious life, some are called to the priesthood or the Diaconate, others are called to marriage, and still others are called to life as a single man or woman.  Each call is an expression of our shared vocation expressed above in the passage from the Gospel of Luke.

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Deacon Joseph Gassman
Secretary for Leadership & Parish Life
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Deacon David Camous
Director of Permanent Diaconate
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Jennifer Kuhn
Administrative Assistant
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Deacon Jim Shelley
Northern Deanery
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Deacon Elbert Pagan
Central South Deanery
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Deacon Kurt Slafkovsky
Eastern Deanery
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Deacon Chris Meehan
Southern Deanery
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Deacon Jim Spindler
Western Deanery
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