The Office of Liturgy and Music supports the work of our Bishop as chief liturgist of the Diocese by modeling and supporting a vision of the Liturgy as set forth by the Second Vatican Council, promoting the “full, conscious, and active participation” of our people, encouraging the gifts of our rich diversity as a multicultural Church, collaborating with the Bishop’s office and other Diocesan offices in preparing Diocesan liturgies, assisting parishes through resources, guidelines, workshops, and responding to questions, directing the work of the Diocesan Liturgical Commission, the Diocesan Music Committee and its sub-committees, administering the Orlando NPM Chapter (National Association of Pastoral Musicians) and maintaining the resources of our Liturgy Library as a lending library for parish staffs. 

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Bruce Croteau
Director of Liturgy
Liturgy and Music
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Adam Brakel
Director of Music
Liturgy and Music
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Kathleen Elbert
Coordinator for the Offices of Liturgy and Music
Liturgy and Music
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